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Business Tasmania

Guide to starting a small business in Tasmania

Starting a business can be both exciting and stressful; it’s not easy to assess risks and benefits and then make decisions about something that will become a major part of your life.

Before you start a business, you will need to talk to many people, conduct lots of research and gather information to make sure that your decisions are based on sound financial and market information.

You may decide:

  • that the right time is now – that the opportunities are there and the risks for you are low;
  • to wait and start a business when you have saved more money or gained additional knowledge or skills; or
  • not to go ahead with the business idea you have, but to keep thinking and looking for further inspiration.

This practical guide to starting a small business in Tasmania will show you where you can go for support and information that will help you make decisions that are right for you.

Download Starting a Small Business in Tasmania: A practical guide.

Download the following worksheets to use as you work your way through the guide book: