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Last updated on February 13, 2018

During an emergency you need to look out for the well-being of your business, and also your family, employees and business visitors. Plan in advance so that you know what to do during a disaster.

Use Part 3 of Business Continuity Plan template and disaster specific checklists to help you plan to take action during disasters.

In an emergency follow your plan, and:

  • Monitor and adhere to instructions from emergency services.
  • Keep up to date with emergency information. You could do this by:
    • Monitoring the TasALERT website;
    • Following official social media from emergency services or TasALERT;
    • Tuning into your local ABC radio station; or
    • Watching news broadcasts on television.
  • Clearly communicate emergency information, and if necessary, your emergency procedure to business visitors.
  • Tourism operators should register with local accredited Tourist Information Centres, who will provide you with emergency information and warnings. Tourism Information Centres have a number of resources on bushfire and flood for visitors. If you are a tourism business, consider having some of these resources on hand for your guests.
  • Run through the crisis essentials checklist in your Business Continuity Plan or one of the disaster-specific checklists to ensure you are prepared.
  • Depending on the emergency you may need to take other actions, such as switching off mains electricity and water, placing things on high shelves or boarding up windows and sandbagging entryways.
  • Let your suppliers, clients and customers know if you have relocated your business to an alternative location.

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