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Business Tasmania

Mental health and wellness

Running and managing a business can be meaningful and rewarding, it can also be incredibly stressful and isolating for owners both new and established.

Often the signs of stress are ignored until you’ve hit a crisis point. Stress, anxiety and depression affect many of us from time to time.

Beyond Blue have created a new guide in consultation with the Beyond Blue Small Business Reference Group, including representation from Business Tasmania, to support you when you need it.  A guide for small business owners has been developed to help identify how you’re coping with stressors in your business and what actions you can take to alleviate them.

Additionally, check out these great resources.

  • How to take care of yourself and stay well.
  • How to develop a mental health strategy for your workplace.
  • How to begin to improve your mental health and wellbeing – or support those around you.

Beyond Blue’s past and future webinars are a wealth of information, as are their education and training resources, each aimed at increasing understanding and providing practical strategies to support you.

If you are family and friends of a business owner, and are worried or wanting to be proactive in your support, how to support a small business owner is an essential guide.  Your close connection puts you in a great position to detect worrying changes in behaviour. This guide outlines actions you can take to support a client, customer, family member or friend without being a trained clinician, including:

  • who to contact for immediate support
  • what are the symptoms of poor mental health and wellbeing
  • how to speak with someone you’re concerned about
  • how to help small business owners take action
  • how to look after your own mental health.

When it comes to seeking some help - no issue is too big or too small. Contact the below services for free, confidential support.

If life is in immediate danger, please call 000.