Improving your energy efficiency

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Last updated on August 29, 2018

These tips can help you reduce your energy usage.

Energy costs for business are going up but there are some things you can do. You can:

  • learn to properly understand your energy bills
  • monitor your energy bills
  • map energy use in your business
  • identify opportunities to save energy and money.

Tips to save money

One of our success stories; hear how David Kay of the Richmond Bakery made a real difference to his energy usage.

Learn from other Tasmanian businesses that have implemented a range of energy reduction practices:


  • Turn off when not required
  • Install switches and timers so energy is used only when needed


  • Turn off when not required
  • Install photo sensors to cut energy use

Hot water

  • Repair leaks
  • Insulate pipes


  • Replace fluorescent and halogen with LED


  • Place thermostats carefully to capture and act on the overall room temperature

Plant and equipment

  • Replace or modify plant, equipment and appliances so the energy rating matches the use


  • Involve staff as energy monitors – your people will help you save money.
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