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COVID-19 Safe Events and Activities

Tasmania is synonymous with unique and vibrant events and it is important that, as restrictions ease, we can enjoy events in a COVID-Safe way.

Last year, the Tasmanian Government released the Safe Events and Activities in Tasmania Framework (Events Framework) to provide a way forward for events to run safely in Tasmania.

It has been developed to assist event organisers to plan for and host events in a COVID-19 safe manner, which may be delivered in a different way than they were prior to the impacts of COVID-19.

Under the Framework, events will be classified as level one, two or three, depending on various risk factors: such as whether the event is indoor or outdoor; seated or free moving. Different capacity limits and different controls then apply to the different levels.

The Framework and application process are being updated to reflect the changes in the public health directions.

Events Framework

The Events Framework outlines what the different levels of events are, what the process is to register or get your event formally approved, and what you need to do as an event organiser. It includes attendee limits, density requirements and other conditions that you need to meet, as well as the documents you need to complete.

As an event organiser, you need to be familiar with the Framework and make sure your event meets its requirements.

Download the Events Framework

Event levels

Level One – Event COVID-19 Safety Plan required; no need to apply

People free moving and mixing:

  • Indoor:  max. 250 people
  • Outdoor:  max. 1,000 people


  • Indoor: max. 500 people
  • Outdoor: max. 2,000 people.

Level Two - Event COVID-19 Safety Plan required; apply for event endorsement

People free moving and mixing:

  • Indoor: max. 500 people
  • Outdoor: max. 2,000 people


  • Indoor: max. 1,000 people
  • Outdoor: max. 5,000 people

Level Three - Event COVID-19 Safety Plan required; apply for event approval by Director of Public Health

People free moving and mixing:

  • Indoor: max. 1,000 people
  • Outdoor: max. 5,000 people


  • Indoor: max. 2,000 people
  • Outdoor: max. 10,000 people

Events COVID-19 Safety Plan

All events require an Events COVID-19 Safety Plan. The supporting materials at the bottom of this webpage provide guidance. You also need to check with your event venue if they have any specific requirements that need to be included in your plan.

If you have any questions or would like feedback on your completed plan, a WorkSafe Tasmania advisor can assist. To request a phone call or meeting with an advisor, please complete the request an advisor form.

Submit your application

All Level 2 and Level 3 events must submit an application for endorsement or approval, depending on the level.

Submit your application here

At a minimum, to submit an application you will need:

  • Event details including event name, contact details of key event personnel, description, date, event characteristics such as indoor or outdoor, seated or standing, service of alcohol and total number of people
  • Completed Event COVID-19 Safety Plan 
  • Site map showing the size of the event venue in square meters.

Endorsement and approval

Applications for events of more than 250 people indoors and more than 1000 people outdoors must be submitted for assessment under the Events Framework.

Level 2 events will be assessed and endorsed by the Department of State Growth or Department of Communities.

Level 3 events – the highest risk events – will be assessed by Public Health officers and approved by the Director of Public Health.

It may take around three weeks to complete the application process, depending on the number of applications, the need to seek further information from applicants, and availability of qualified staff.

Compliance – implementing your plan

Following endorsement or approval of your event, you must:

  • Have a copy of your Events COVID-19 Safety Plan available at the event
  • The responsible person must be available during the event
  • Check In TAS QR code/s must be set up and available at the event (find more information and register here)

The responsible person must be able to demonstrate compliance with the measures identified in the Event COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Public Health Officers and/or WorkSafe representatives may inspect your event and request the above information.

100% seated capacity – applications no longer required

As part of our ongoing review of the Events Framework and Public Health directions, applications are no longer required for 100 per cent seated capacity for gatherings at:

  • cinemas
  • concert venues
  • theatres
  • places of worship
  • funeral homes
  • stadiums, and
  • arenas.

Business-as-usual activities in these venues can continue without the need for approval provided that:

  • Seating is forward-facing, theatre or spectator style
  • Density limit of 1 person per 2 square metres applies in non-seated areas
  • Check In TAS QR code/s are used
  • COVID-19 Safety Plan must be in place and available if asked by a Public Health or WorkSafe representative.

If you have a current 100% seated capacity application in the system, we will be in contact with you shortly to discuss.

Support materials

We have a range of support materials to assist event organisers to hold a COVID safe event, and where applicable to register their event under the framework:

A Framework for COVID-19 Safe Events and Activities in Tasmania

Events COVID-19 Safety Plan template

Guidance on Managing Events and Activities in a COVID-19 Environment

Community Event Guidance

Guide for Cultural and Creative Sectors

Frequently Asked Questions

Information on using Check in TAS App

Please review Frequently Asked Questions here, and if you have further questions please contact the team at Business Tasmania on 1800 440 026 or email