Checklist - Is your home suitable?

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Last updated on December 18, 2012
A home base is not suitable for every type of business.

Once you’ve established that you have suitable space and facilities in your home, you’ll need to make sure that your business meets council requirements and that its operation won’t disturb neighbours.

Consider the following questions and think about the actions you may need to take to address the issues that arise.

  • Is the location of your home easy for a new client to find?
  • Is the nature of your business permitted in my council zone?
  • Do you need any council permits to carry out alterations or additions to your home?
  • Do you need signage outside your home?
  • Is it possible to set aside a workspace of adequate size in your home, specifically for your business?
  • Is the area you’ve chosen removed from family activities?
  • Do you have adequate storage space?
  • Do you need office equipment such as computer, photocopier and facsimile machine?
  • Does your business have a requirement for natural light, extra lighting or additional power?
  • Is there an appropriate reception area for clients?
  • Is a separate line for business telephone, fax or computer modem required? Would a mobile telephone service be a viable option?
  • Is there adequate parking space for suppliers, clients and staff?
  • Does provision have to be made for a large letterbox for business mail?
  • Is there a separate entrance for clients?
  • Do you require office furniture (new or second-hand) such as desk, chair and filing cabinets?
  • Will you be able to keep your home tidy during business hours?
  • Will the ‘business’ aspect of your home appear professional to clients?

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