Managing the supply chain

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Last updated on May 15, 2013

Managing your supply chain involves controlling all of the activities and production flows that take place, as raw materials are transformed into an end product.

To ensure that you maximise efficiencies in production and costs, as well as your overall output levels, it's good to focus attention on the following typical points of your supply chain:

  • production planning
  • stock control systems
  • freight arrangements
  • lead times
  • planned purchasing
  • materials management
  • distribution control
  • customer service
  • data systems
  • communications.

Whether the reach of your supply chain is local or global, there are two fundamental strategies that you can implement at every level.

Improve your planning processes

Look carefully at your past patterns of production to predict future flows, then move to be better prepared at every point. Forecasting brings focus to areas of potential increase and will assist you to make wise decisions.

Develop your communications systems

Faster, more accurate forms of written, verbal and electronic contact will result in better relationships between supply-chain points, increased information exchange and fewer mistakes.

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