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Insurance is an essential part of reducing risk.

Your insurance requirements will vary depending on the type of business you have. In general, you must have the following types of compulsory insurance:

  • workers compensation – if your business has employees,
  • third party personal injury insurance – if your business has motor vehicles,
  • public liability insurance – for certain types of businesses.

On this page, we've broken down the basic types of insurance you might consider. To find your ideal insurance, the Insurance Council of Australia has has developed a finder to compare your options at

Although not compulsory, you may also consider insuring your assets, revenue and liabilities to protect your business against potential risk, such as those that may arise from accident, theft, or natural disaster. More on preparing with our Emergency Preparation Toolkit here, or read TasAlert's business insurance factsheet.

To ensure you have the insurance that your business needs, go to and use the Insurance Checkup Tool.

You can also browse a range of advice sheets like:

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