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ICT Professional Services Panel

Changes from 1 July 2021

The Government Information Technology Conditions and the ICT Professional Services Panel will be retired on 30 June 2021.

This follows a review of the way Tasmanian Government agencies procure information technology.

A contemporary information technology procurement framework will be implemented on 1 July 2021, to better connect suppliers and Tasmanian Government agencies.

For more information on the new framework go to the Tasmanian Government's purchasing website.

ICT Professional Services Panel

The Department of Treasury and Finance has established a whole-of-government Tasmanian Government ICT Professional Services panel, which came into effect on 1 October 2017. There are currently 64 companies included on the panel. The term of the contract expires on 30 June 2021 and has an additional two-year extension option. Exercising this option will be subject to the outcome of a review into existing ICT procurement arrangements currently being considered by Treasury.

The ICT Professional Services panel contract includes the following ICT service categories

  • Business Analysis
  • Application Development Services
  • Infrastructure Technical Services
  • Operational Services
  • Security Services
  • Project Management

The panel is in place to enable the engagement of ICT professionals to deliver ICT services, valued of between $50 000 and $250 000 (excluding GST). This non-mandatory panel arrangement is available to Tasmanian Government agencies, as well as other authorised organisations, including Government Business Enterprises and statutory authorities.

Agencies are encouraged to refer to the whole of government ICT Professional Services Panel in the first instance when undertaking a procurement. This allows agencies to directly appoint a provider from the panel or to undertake a competitive quoting process between selected panel contractors. It is mandatory requirement of the ICT Professional Services Contract that all suppliers enter into a Government Information Technology Conditions (GITC) Head Agreement.

In the event existing suppliers are unable to supply the required services, agencies may engage suppliers outside the panel arrangement in accordance with Treasurer’s Instruction TI PP-2 Market Approaches, clause 2.18. All ICT Professional Service procurement that fall outside the scope of this contract are to be undertaken in accordance with the Treasurer’s instructions.

As the use of the panel is a non-mandatory contract, agencies can also choose to undertake procurement by standard processes such as an RFQ / RFT rather than select from the panel.

Agencies are required to refer to the whole of government Information Technology and Communication Hardware (C150) Contract when purchasing IT Hardware items.

Relevant link: - includes links to a list of Approved ICT Professional Services Contractors and company contact details.

GITC Supplier Accreditation

The Government Information Technology Conditions (GITC) is a national framework of standard legal documentation that has been developed in cooperation with industry representatives and government.

The GITC provides a standard set of terms and conditions for public sector IT purchases. It consists of general conditions establishing the contractual relationship between the Crown and supplier. It contains a number of associated modules and appendices relating to the type of products and services to be provided (ie. software support, hardware acquisition, supply and integration of a system and consultancy services).  These modules are appended to the general conditions contained within the Head Agreement.

The GITC consists of two components:

  1. A generic Head Agreement between the Crown and an IT company
  2. Individual purchase orders between an agency and the IT company.

The GITC is designed to assist Tasmanian government agency buyers and industry suppliers to develop official order contracts for the supply of information technology products and services in the most efficient and effective manner. Tasmania currently uses version 2 (GITC 2) for IT services procurement, regardless of value (refer to Treasurer's Instruction 1123 Government Information Technology Conditions).

To enter into a GITC Head Agreement, potential suppliers are required to complete a GITC Supplier Accreditation Application Form and to provide certificates of currency for work cover and for public liability to a minimum value of $5 million. Under the GITC Supplier Accreditation process, a potential supplier can also seek accreditation independently, without an agency seeking to engage them first.

The Department of Treasury and Finance Contract Management Unit manages the accreditation process, maintains a list of GITC Accredited Suppliers for the Tasmanian Government and prepares the draft GITC Head Agreement.  Part of this process includes an Australian Security and Investments Commissions (ASIC) search, which determines if the company is appropriately registered. Once this requirement is satisfied, a contract will be sent to the supplier for execution.

Relevant links:

GITC Supplier Accreditation Application Form

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