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Last updated on June 17, 2019

Business Tasmania

At Business Tasmania we try to give you easy access to all the information you need to start, grow and succeed in business. You can choose how you receive the information – website, Facebook, telephone or YouTube.  Here’s our collection of short videos on the topics we get asked about the most.

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Digital Ready

Digital Ready Content provides a wealth of resources from the Digital Ready Program including our ‘Fundamentals’ web series presented by Doctor Digital, aka Polly McGee, and our Social Exchange Sessions. These videos will step you through the digital essentials for your business, and give you valuable insight into how other Tasmanian businesses are succeeding online

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Employer of Choice

An Employer of Choice is a workplace with a reputation among its staff as a great place to work. The following Tasmanian case studies explore how some of these organisations promote and support a well-balanced, happy working environment for their people.

View a list of Employer of Choice videos here

Digital Directions

Digital Directions showcases a selection of Tasmanian businesses that have benefited from the digital era through a variety of platforms. These case studies show how businesses are using social media to boost their profiles and customer base in a cost-effective and strategic way.

View a list of the Digital Directions videos here

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