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Last updated on May 29, 2017

It makes sense to keep good employees as it can be difficult (and expensive) to replace them.

Businesses often experience strong competition for talent in the workplace. While it's tough to find the best employees for your business, it can be even tougher to keep them so they don't seek opportunities elsewhere.

Skilled workers will not continue to work for a bad boss or in poor conditions. To retain employees you need to know what's important to them and keep them connected to their work. Connected or engaged employees will be more dedicated and committed to the business.

Our retain and support guide provides useful information to help you:

  • understand why employees stay or leave
  • understand how to engage employees
  • implement flexible work arrangements 
  • understand and support the diverse needs of employees 
  • promote health and wellbeing in your workplace
  • access employee assistance programs
  • undertake an employee attitude survey.

You can also find out how to be an employer of choice.

The guide includes useful tools and checklists to assist with retaining and supporting employees. Alternatively, you can access these tools and checklists as individual documents below.

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