Life Balance Case Studies

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Last updated on June 14, 2017

Country Club Tasmania - Employer of Choice since 2014

One of the largest local private employers in Northern Tasmania, Country Club is situated in parkland on the fringe of Launceston. Employing 400+ staff across multiple divisions, management knows that supporting their people is crucial to ongoing success. The family culture and associated values are key to its ongoing success in supporting staff.

Country Club Tasmania You Tube link Country Club Tasmania case study 
Short Film Written Case Study

Glenview Community Services - Employer of Choice since 2012

Glenview is an independent aged care provider, recognised locally and nationally for the high quality service provided.  Glenview strives provide a supportive, happy and inclusive working environment.

Glenview youtube link Glenview Case Study 
Short Film Written Case Study

Hydro Tasmania - Employer of Choice since 2011

Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s leading renewable energy business.  Life Balance at Hydro focuses on equipping employees with information, benefits, programs and tools to enhance their work experiences, at every stage of life.

Hydro Youtube link Hydro Tasmania Case Study 
Short Film Written Case Study

Retirement Benefits Fund - Employer of Choice since 2014

The Retirement Benefits Fund Board (RBF) is Tasmania’s public sector superannuation fund. RBF's People Strategy has been a key driver in making RBF a great place to work. Employees have access to diverse and wide-ranging benefits and development opportunities, as well as an extensive health and  well being program that covers physical, mental, financial and nutritional health.

RBF Youtube link RBF Case Study 
Short Film Written Case Study

The Maria Island Walk - Employer of Choice since 2012

Tasmanian family owned and operated, the Maria Island Walk considers its staff and guests an important part of its extended family.  A family culture, strong values on being good corporate citizens and organic working arrangements are the keys to a happy, productive team.

Mariah Island Youtube link Maria Island Case Study 
Short Film Written Case Study

Supporting Resources

No two organisations are the same, however, organisations that have successfully implemented work life balance initiatives have similar approaches and strategies.   

This guide has been developed to provide you with an overview of the business case for supporting a positive work life balance and strategies for consideration.

Work Like Balance chart

Work Life Balance Resources

This project is a collaboration between the Department of State Growth and the Australian Institute of Management.

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