Recruiting employees

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Last updated on May 4, 2017
Recruitment is the process of finding a pool of candidates to choose from.

Job analysis

Before you employ people, you need to think about what type of role you’re trying to fill. Job analysis is the process of getting detailed information about particular jobs.

A job analysis will identify:

  • the skills, knowledge and attributes an employee must have to do the job
  • new tasks or responsibilities, given changed circumstances in the business.

Job description

A job description informs employees exactly what is expected of them and provides a useful document to refer to when you’re evaluating an employee’s performance.

You can also use it to develop selection criteria, identify training needs, and manage performance.

Selection criteria

Think about the skills, knowledge and attributes that are needed to complete tasks for the job you want to fill. These will help you to fairly evaluate and compare candidates during the selection process. Selection criteria are either:

  • essential – elements that applicants for the job absolutely must meet
  • desirable – nice-to-have skills that would be useful in the position.

Advertising a vacancy

When choosing a place to advertise, consider the following questions:

  • Who am I appealing to?
  • Where is my ad most likely to be seen by my target audience?
  • What will appeal to my ‘ideal’ employee?
  • Is the person I need likely to be working in my competitor’s business?
  • What will the general public think of my ad?
  • Will my ad grab attention or fade into the background?
  • How much will my ad cost?
  • How much time do I have to fill the vacancy?
  • Do I need to advertise at all? Do I already know someone who knows someone appropriate? Is the person I’m looking for already working in my business?

When advertising, remember that you are required by Australian national and local laws to create a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment. There are certain things you cannot include in an advertisement, such as a preference for someone of a particular gender, nationality or religion, for example.

The job application form and acknowledging applications

It is a good idea to have an application form available for applicants to complete.

As a courtesy, it’s also good to acknowledge receipt of applications with a letter. This has practical benefit as you won’t have to answer the phone when each applicant rings to ask if you have received their application.

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