Attracting employees

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Last updated on May 29, 2017

You’ll attract the best employees to your business if you think broadly about the sorts of employees you want, offer an attractive collection of benefits and maintain a reputation as an excellent employer.

Consider widening your pool of potential candidates to include:

  • different ethnic and cultural groups
  • people from different generations
  • mothers returning to work
  • mature-aged workers.

Collection of benefits

There’s more to attracting good employees than just offering good pay. Look at the benefits you and your competitors offer. Could you come up with some different or better benefits that would suit your employees?

Reputation and branding

Is your business known to be a good place to work?
A positive reputation and brand will make your business more attractive, so you will be able to select from a bigger pool of candidates.

Your business and the community

Job seekers will be more strongly attracted to a business that is known for being socially responsible. What can your business do to become more involved with community issues and events?


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