Attract, recruit and select staff

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Last updated on May 29, 2017

Attracting, recruiting and selecting the right staff from the beginning will help your business develop more smoothly.

Thinking about your recruitment process will also improve your chances of appealing to the best employees in a competitive labour market.

You will save time in the long term and reduce your costs in relation to recruitment, training, development and performance management.

When you clearly establish the activities associated with each role in your business, and the skills required, you can develop an effective recruitment program to ensure you select the right employee for the job.

Our Attract, recruit and select guide will take you through the steps to:

  • attract the right employees to your business
  • recruit employees
  • select the right employees.

The guide includes useful tools and checklists. Alternatively, you can access these tools and checklists as individual documents below.

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